Some Thoughts on Authentic Christian Fellowship

Being a person feeling a call to ministry and having the training as such, I find myself on a continual basis examining my faith, ministry, the church, and mission. A conversation being had on Facebook (curse you Facebook) got me thinking about what it means to be in meaningful Christian relationships and how it should look.

Of Ducks And Men

Well…that got out of hand quite quickly didn’t it? Just one article on Phil Robertson from a notoriously liberal magazine and now the whole world is up in arms. The crazies on both sides came out for this one…in droves.

Why I Decided to Blog

Blogging certainly isn’t new. People have been doing it for a few years now and while I have always wanted to blog, I never felt that what I wanted to say could be communicated in a humble manner.

An Introduction To The Nerdy Theologian

Hello blogosphere! I felt it appropriate to introduce myself for those who are new, and to give some information on me that some people in my life might not even know. So let me start here…my name is Justin Eimers.