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Tag: Church

Time To Grow Up

As we walk through this crazy world and all of its…well… craziness, I cannot help but thank God for all that he has done for me and for His church. I know that my life would be purposeless without Him, and that even though I am a horrible screw up he has still called me to a form of ministry that is overwhelming and humbling all at the same time.

Men It’s Time We Step Up

This is a post I have been attempting to avoid for quite some time. There is two reasons for this; the first being that its not very nice, and the second because a good majority of it is stuff I’m still working on. So in reading this, please do not think that I have somehow mastered all of this.

Why Are You Cast Down, Oh My Soul?

There are seasons in everyone’s life where nothing seems to be going right, where nothing you do makes it better, and everything that is done feels wrong. I had felt this way deep down inside for a very long time…not knowing how to deal with it, or express it.