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A Little Spiritual ADHD (TCM)


It is amazing isn’t it? To see how easily distracted we become when in the midst of another activity. It is almost as if it is nearly impossible for a person to only do one task at a time now a days. People are usually driving while talking on their phones, or eating and typing on a computer, or watching TV and reading a book…I mean it is like we have completely forgotten how to sit down and just be in one place in one time for a time. This is especially true when you think of Christianity.

In the last 50 years or so, Evangelical Christians have found more ways to distract themselves from the Gospel than is excusable. Every person has a pet cause that they champion, whether it is pro-life, racial equality, or woman’s rights and so on. Now I am not saying that these causes are not good causes, they are and Christianity definitely speaks into each of them. But, have you noticed that some Christians have devoted so much of themselves to these causes that they appear to have lost themselves in their cause and forgotten about the reason they got involved in the cause to begin with? Do they not busy themselves to such an extent that they at times choose to push for the cause over the gospel?

I have seen this happen…where good causes become poisoned by ideas and concepts that have more to do with a particular ideology than with Jesus. Where the way the truth and the life is pushed aside for some here and now problem that peeks the interest of more than just those who follow the cross. Or, better yet, perhaps those who convey a love for Jesus deny or diminish your cause so that in the end a disillusioned stance with Christians becomes self evident and problematic? You begin to question whether God means what he says or worst yet…you begin to question whether or not you can associate with a God that does not share you beliefs and convictions.

Satan is a master deceiver and a master of making good things stumbling blocks for us. Certainly I am not saying that one cannot be passionate about a cause…but when that cause begins to trump our allegiance to the cross…when that cause begins to identify us…than this is where we can fall into a trap set for us by the prince of lies. This is where we endanger ourselves and must choose between our cause…and the cross.

Now for those who think this does not apply…all I have is the name of a man called by Christ to be a disciple…and that man’s name is Simon the Zealot. In Simon we see a first century version of a terrorist, a person who was likely guilty of killing dozens of Romans all in the name of political freedom for the nation of Israel. Simon did not continue as a zealot after he began to follow Christ however but devoted himself to being a disciple of a Galilean Rabbis. Quite the switch, could Simon had made an argument with Holy Scripture that his actions were right and proper….most definitely…so why then did he not continue in the cause? In the person of Jesus he saw not only the salvation of Israel…but also the salvation of the world. For him this was more important than political freedom and to that cause (that being the cause of the cross and the preaching of the Gospel) Simon was killed. Not as a freedom fighter and citizen of Israel, but as an ambassador and citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven.

As we live in a world broken beyond repair, it is important that we stop pointing to ourselves, politicians, and laws to fix the world’s woes. It is time that as Christians we look to Jesus and to each other and begin to exhibit those changes we long to see in the world. Only in Christ can these things be changed…only in Christ can these things be made new…only in Christ can these wounds be healed. Peace and blessings and again thank you for reading.

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