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Going To Haiti

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Written on April 17, 2016: In less than 36 hours a team of 14 plus myself will be headed to the airport and will be flying to Port Au Prince, Haiti. Upon our arrival we will be meeting up with a missionary family that was sent from our church to come along side them and do ministry for a week. This includes children’s programs as well as a feeding program a couple of days within a local village, two Ten9 events (revivals within the same village) which will be taking the stage used for the event for roofs for several families in that village, doing various projects around an orphanage, and experiencing church alongside the Haitians. After looking at the schedule the week it is jammed packed from sun up until sun down, in super hot humid weather.

But, let me back up…several months ago I was asked to go on this trip, I initially gave the typical churchy answer of, “I’ll pray about it and talk with my husband.” In reality, this was one of the first trips where nothing was holding me back, I wasn’t pregnant or caring for our newborn child and I could not think of a good reason not to go. I was concerned because Justin could not get the time off from work which meant my best friend wasn’t going to be there serving alongside of me in a foreign country. Not to mention my baby (actually a toddler) is getting to be Mr. Independent.

Justin and I prayed and soon we came to the same answer, yes I should go. However, the fear of the unknown and the spiritual battles a trip like this would insight, were holding me back. I wasn’t 100% sure and committed to a yes until I watched the re-cap from the team that had just returned from Haiti. There was a point that a woman on that team was sharing how she felt, full of fear and anxiety that she would have to leave her kids behind. Once she arrived in Haiti she stated that the fear that had been there previously was no longer there and that God reveled himself to her through that trip. It was then that I gave my answer of yes, yes I will go and face the unknowns. Since that time, leading up to this trip, there have been several different difficulties and battles I have had to push through. But, I know God has big plans to use all 15 of us in big ways down in Haiti and those fears/anxiety have gone away. Pray for our team as a whole, for unity, our health, wisdom to speak into the lives of those we come across, that we can be an encouragement to the missionaries, and hearts of the Haitians to be open to receiving the Gospel.




My wife has always been a person who has wanted to do foreign missions. I remember when I first met her, telling me how much she would love to do a trip and work with children. It’s been 10 years since we first met and now she is in Haiti serving the Haitian people and getting to work with children. Just a funny note. When she states that we prayed, the more appropriate thing to say would be that she prayed. The moment she told me she had been asked, I knew that she was supposed to go, I just had to wait until she realized it. Now, my wife is in a foreign country without me, serving the same Christ that we both love and I could not be more proud of her.

When Lisa and I met her idea of international travel was a trip across the border. Since that time, she has been to Mexico, Israel, China, and now Haiti (the only international trip that she has taken without me). The girl I met 10 years ago is now a woman who has been an encouragement to me and an example of what it means to love people with a reckless abandon. No, she isn’t perfect, but she’s pretty close, much closer than I am and for that, I will always admire her. When she returns late April 26th I am sure that she will write a blog to let you all know what happened and how it went. Peace and Blessings and as always thank you for reading.


In Christ

Justin (AKA The Nerdy Theologian)

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