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My Trip To Haiti

By: Lisa Eimers

By: Lisa Eimers


When I arrived home from Haiti, I was asked to do a blog post on the missions trip but it is hard to put it in words the 9 days spent in Haiti. We were able to witness God do amazing things in a country haunted by voodoo. Now people will ask was it hot there? YES, very hot and very humid! It is a heat you cannot describe, most days it was 115+ degrees one day 120+ degrees (the outdoor thermometer stopped at 120 degrees) with high humidity. We stayed with the missionary family at their home and would normally sleep on the roof of the house (you catch a breeze up there) but it rained pretty much every night, which was very unusual for Haiti to get that much rain. The first night everyone got all settled in and had just started to fall asleep when it suddenly started rain! So instead of everything being dusty it was mostly muddy! As for the food, we ate a lot of this amazing chicken, rice, beans and pbj’s!

The next morning we headed out into the village of Dine to go house to house with an interrupter inviting people to the Ten9 (a revival) happening the next two nights. image7

After doing that for several hours, we all met back at the church, which had tin walls and roof, for a little bit rest from the intense sun/heat and to hydrate ourselves. In the afternoon, we played with the kids in the village and then helped with their Wednesday feeding program. Over 210 kids came to eat that night! image6Just before dusk, the local church band/singers started music; this drew some people but not many. Most people didn’t start coming until after dark because they were curious to see where the lights and noise were coming from. In this particular village they do not have power so once it is dark everyone is in their home for the night. At the Ten9 after our pastor had spoken we witness a young boy that has been attending the kids club with tears running down his face accept Christ. Boy was it cool to witness a child know he is a sinner and needs Christ! This by far was the toughest day because we were gone all day in intense heat.

image4The second full day (3rd day there) we rested in the morning then headed back out the village of Dine inviting people to the second Ten9 that evening. More people came out this evening and it was incredible to see them worshiping and listening to the message. During the worship as well as the message our team witnessed a demon-possessed man. At the end of the message our team was called up to the front to pray with those that wanted prayer or salvation. We were kind of taken off guard because we were not warned that this was happening and the people did not speak English. So when the people came forward and we just started praying with each individual in English. I remember praying with this one lady in a yellow dress and as I was praying tears were streaming down her face. Even though they did not understand what we were saying God did! While this was all happening the pastor called out the demon possessed man and prayed over him. Later on in the evening he came back with his wife and she was crying too because the spell that the voodoo priest put on him was lifted.  However the adventure did not stop there as we were headed back to the house the wheel of our bus broke off. It happened in the perfect spot right before the main road. The local pastor has a large ministry there and was able to have a ride come pick all of us up…..this ride was a dump truck! Yes we scaled the dump truck in skirts to ride in the back along with three tires (if we would have left them there over night they would have be stolen).

The fourth day wasn’t as adventurous as we painted the inside and outside of a local orphanage. On the fifth day we headed back out to the village of Dine and helped with their Saturday Kids club and feeding program where over 240 kids came! The special prize for knowing their verse was a clothing item (shirt, shorts or dress).  Most of the kids knew their verse and were able to receive a prize.

The next morning we headed back out to the village of Dine. Half of the team went with the missionaries to help with the kids program and half stayed for the Haitian church. I was with the team that attended the local Haitian church and this experience was incredible. Watching them sing their hearts out and intensely listen to the message (which was by one of our team members with a translator). Leaving the village this time was hard because it was the last time before we had to leave for the US. image2The relationships we had developed with these kids made leaving even harder than all of us had expected. The toddlers just longed for someone to hold them and usually as soon as you picked them up, they would fall right asleep. image3

The kids knew the word photo and loved getting them taken! Even after months of being gone they still remember you and the impact you made on them. image1One of the missionaries sent me a message and picture saying, “Myland was asking about you!” This brought tears to my eyes because even though we were there a short amount of time the impact we had on their lives was powerful!

On our last full day in Haiti, we had a day of relaxation and reflection at a resort on the ocean. We were only suppose to be there for the day but were blessed with an overnight stay IN AIR CONDITIONING! Friends this was huge because the entire trip nights were hot, so it was relief to sleep in cool air! The next morning we woke up, had breakfast, got on the bus and headed to the airport. Well there were many riots and protest causing the roads leading to the airport to be closed. Each time we hit a roadblock we turned around and tried another way but had the same problem each time. Then it started raining, normally it wouldn’t be a problem but our luggage was on the roof of the bus getting soaked! Our flight time came and went which happened to be the last flight of the day to America. We sat in traffic for almost 7 hours before arriving at the airport. We were able to re-book our flight for the next morning and stayed at a hotel across from the airport to ensure we made it there on time. Our flight from Haiti to Miami was full of excitement as a Haitian woman had a heart attack; thankfully, there was a medical mission team on the flight to take care of her until we landed.

So I survived 9 days without my baby and husband even though it was difficult it was worth it! God has been doing amazing things through the missionaries that had been serving in the village for 6 months and the program they started from scratch now has over 240 kids coming!



The story that my wife has shared with you of her mission trip made an impact on her life. She learned that no matter how small the obedience may seem to be even the smallest obedience could be used by God to make a big impact. The trip for Lisa during this time in our lives was not easy (for either of us actually). I was nearing the end of my spring semester and had to parent on my own while also working full time. Husbands, if your wife wants to go on a mission’s trip, let them. I don’t care how inconvenient it might be for you, encourage her to go. I was glad I did.

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