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New Year New Approach

New Year


Since December of 2013 I have been the sole contributor to this site and boy has it been an experience. Lately, however, I have felt that this site has grown a little stale. This is why after September of 2015 nothing has been posted to the site. In the time between then and the New Year, I sought out God and other for things that could be done to breathe new life into the site. After a time I began to recognize that I was what was going stale. Between work, other ministries, school, and being a father and husband I was stretched thin and struggling to write thought provoking, intelligent, and helpful posts. Now this is not to say that I was idle, I continued to write posts but in the last 3 months not a single post that I have written have my expectations.


To help curtail this issue and to keep you (my readers) from becoming annoyed/ bored with me I have decided that it is time to add a little diversity to the site. It is with this in mind that in December, I began seeking other people to contribute to the website on a regular basis and I am glad to say that two have taken on that challenge. These two people are personal friends, and ministry co-laborers that I have come to respect, admire, and love in Christ. Dave Wagner and Erin Foster (names are linked with their bios if you’d like to learn more about them) are both Christians sold out to the person of Jesus and everything that he is about. In everything these two ask, “How do I represent Jesus here?” Now this isn’t to say that they do this perfectly, but it is to say that by just asking the question these two are far beyond many Christians walking the average church halls on any given Sunday.


I look forward to reading their stories along with all of you and look forward to what this New Year brings forward. One more writer is going to be announced in the future and when we have decided to announce his involvement, we will do so. I hope that this finds all of you well and look forward to sharing with you what God has laid upon our hearts. Look for a new post tomorrow about how the bible models calling and what this means for us today, so that we can come to know when God is giving us something to do. Peace and blessings, and as always thank you for reading.


With Love In Christ

Justin (AKA The Nerdy Theologian)


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