The Weekly Nerdout: Superman v Batman

So, this is my first authentically “nerdy” post and boy am I geeked about it. Why? Because it has to do with my favorite superhero of all time and Zac Snyder’s second attempt to bring him to live action film…that’s right boys and girls. This post is about the new Superman v. Batman: Dawn of Justice movie coming out in 2016.

Mercy and Action

Many people today seem to believe that evidence of true biblical faith is founded in “sound doctrine,” while doctrine and theology are certainly important and dictate to us and give us motivation for our actions…it is far from the determining factor for whether someone is counted among the saints.

Christianity and Homosexuality

Ok, so this has needed to be done now and from dialogue that I have had in the past week or so that inclination was affirmed. So in this post I am going to be as faithful as possible to a Christian view of homosexuality.

Why Theology Matters

Well I said I was going to start doing this on a more consistent basis, so here I am attempting to do just that. Today I wanted to explain the importance of theology to faithful Christian living. I hear many (far too many) Christians say things like, “theology is for academics,” or, “theology isn’t as important as how you treat people.”

Towards the End

In May of this year my Seminary journey ends. The last two and a half years were fun, stressful, maddening, fulfilling, and irritating. It isn’t for everyone…I can assure you that. But as I draw closer to the end I am beginning to reflect on my journey and what I have learned.