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Why I Decided to Blog


    Blogging certainly isn’t new. People have been doing it for a few years now and while I have always wanted to blog, I never felt that what I wanted to say could be communicated in a humble manner. Now with a few more years under my belt and a serious butt kicking by the Holy Spirit for a number of those I feel that it is now possible for me to communicate my thoughts without being a total and complete butthead. But enough about why I haven’t blogged (talk about getting off track) time to get onto while I am feeling it is appropriate now.

      One of my goals in doing this is to open my life to those who wish to see it so that they can see how a Christian thinks, deals with things, and lives their lives. Now this of course puts a massive amount of pressure on me to represent the cross well. I can say that I now feel I am capable of doing this…for the most part. Being human is part of being Christian and so showing how a person deals with this is something I am endeavoring to do. It will be messy, it will be mistake ridden, and it will require grace. Something I am hoping my readership will have an abundance of as I will likely need it. That being said, I want people to see real Christianity with all the mess that comes with it.

Another goal of writing this blog is to deal with issues that are current to our culture, the church, and theology as a whole. For me everything is theological or at the very least everything has theological implications. Because of this a flushing out of those thoughts, ideas, and perspectives are necessary to explain the world we live in. This will eventually entail dealing with some pretty serious situations and themes of which I will do my very best to communicate in a graceful and humble manner (remember I need a lot of grace mostly because I can be an insensitive idiot). I also feel that communicating these concepts in ways people can understand is extremely important, so there won’t be much technical language and if there is it will be flushed out and explained in detail. Many Christians have become disinterested in theology mostly because it has become so technical and semantically driven that people do not understand or realize how it affects their lives every day.  For most, theology is boring, stale, cognitive, and stiff…my hope is to change that.

The final goal is perhaps the most personal. I am deciding to blog because I feel that I need to. Putting thoughts into words, communicating ideas, and my opinion on matters currently occurring is important to how I personally process information (could be all the years in academia…stupid school). Just a disclaimer…I am not doing this because I feel that my opinion carries any weight. I am no one special…just another servant of the Lord trying to be faithful in my own fallen way. Please keep this in mind if you feel yourself in sharp disagreement with my opinions that they are just my opinions with some of them being more educated than others. I hope that everyone that reads these enjoys them, and shares them if you feel the content to be worth sharing. In writing this blog I intend to make you laugh, entertain you, and hopefully teach you something…even if it is at my expense (which is the most probable course as I am, as communicated earlier, an idiot). I will be posting come actual content here soon with something already slated to be released either tomorrow or Saturday regarding a particular issue that has been blowing up all over the internet. So until then God bless and thank you for reading.

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