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Of Ducks And Men


      Well…that got out of hand quite quickly didn’t it? Just one article on Phil Robertson from a notoriously liberal magazine and now the whole world is up in arms. The crazies on both sides came out for this one…in droves. There was name calling, accusations, some more name calling, and in the very end bitterness one towards the other. I am going to try to make some sense of this whole debacle as it appears sense, intelligence, and reading comprehension have gone by way of the dinosaur. So here we go…both sides…those defending Mr. Robertson and those with pitchforks and torches calling for his head are wrong. Both sides have apparently lost the ability to read, and both sides are so over enamored with their own agendas that instead of having meaningful dialogue, spit and scream across the table as if that makes them more right. This leaves intelligent everyday people thinking that both sides are crazy (an opinion I am sad to say is generally dead on). So what does a normal person who actually has some sense left in their heads think?

        Well for starters let me say this to the left…Mr. Robertson communicated a tried and true Christian truth. Homosexual sex is a sin…Scripture says it, Jesus alluded to it, and Paul downright condemns it. There really is no getting around it without completely ignoring or reinterpreting text, which many have done. I am not willing to go down that road…as I believe God means what he says when he says it. This being said…did the LGBT community and those that support them really think that Mr. Robertson had a different opinion than he stated in the GQ article? Did they truly believe a born again, Church of Christ, hillbilly from Louisiana was going to be ok with homosexuality? I can tell you right now that if they state that they thought otherwise, they are lying. They knew…they hated it…and they waited for Mr. Robertson or someone else on the show to slip up on a large enough venue for them to call for the witch burning. They knew…and they waited…so lets not act or perceive that any of these LGBT organizations are victims…they aren’t, they are predators ready and willing to destroy anyone and anything that gets in the way of their endeavors. They are a political machine no better than right to life, or the tea party. They intentionally, and strategically waited for their opening saw it and took it…just like a political machine should.

As for those who are defending Mr. Robertson…I think Christians need to calm down. I’m hearing talk of “persecution” and all sorts of other craziness. Look…lets get something straight…persecution should be an accepted and expected part of following Christ. Christians living in a society that is not hostile to Christ generally…isn’t being faithful to the cross. This has been the case of Christendom since it’s beginning. Without getting into it fully, persecution is something that we were told was going to occur by Jesus in John 15:18-19. Go-ahead look it up…see this is not something to be in mourning over. It is something to understand…if the world embraces us and loves us…that is a bad thing…not a good one. Understanding this is paramount to what it means to be Christian. Christians…we must also call Mr. Robertson to the floor, for we are called to say things in love and to say them appropriately. To be honest Mr. Robertson missed on both accounts. Now I am not questioning his heart…if a gay person knocked on the Robertson’s door he would be invited in for some crawfish or squirrel (which is actually quite tasty) just like any other person. I have no doubt whatsoever that Mr. Robertson and his entire family would love on that individual no differently than they would a fellow believer in Christ. With that being said I do believe that words are a dangerous thing…and I am not alone. James 3:1-8 paints a vivid picture of how dangerous the human tongue can be. Mr. Robertson on some level probably regrets how he said some of what he said…and he has likely made peace with it to the Lord…but we, as Christians should not act as if Mr. Robertson is blameless in this ordeal he is not. Some of the words he said were phrased in such a crude manner than if I had children I certainly would not want them to hear it…or read it. Paul wrote on homosexuality multiple times and I doubt that anyone needed to cover a child’s ears for the reading of Paul’s epistles. This leads me to believe that a conversation regarding this topic can be done in a tasteful, respectful, and responsible fashion, as it should be.

Next…guys…read the GQ article for yourselves. To be honest the gentleman who wrote it was gracious, humble, and even a little convicted. See there is a wonder to what has occurred within the pages of this magazine that I feel almost every Christian is still missing. The Gospel was preached…a non-believer was convicted and now this individual respects, admires, and feels un-worthy of the time he got to spend with the Robertson’s. See in spending time with them he came to understand himself and these people in a way that he wasn’t expecting…and that shook him. Within the pages of this article…is honesty, not only from the man being interviewed…but also from the man doing the interview. I was surprised…and delightfully so. In fact the article put a big stupid grin on my face precisely because I saw a man from the suburbs of rural New York begin to look on the inside and question everything that was there. Just by meeting this family he began to question his lifestyle, his beliefs…everything. And yet many want to lynch the man because they feel his article was biased…I am here to tell you that if you are of that belief…than you are not only crazy… you are illiterate. This article if anything is a great catalyst for conversation between two sides…and we squandered it. We allowed hatred, bigotry, and self-righteous indignation get in the way of honesty, love, and selflessness. Now why am I putting this squarely on Christian’s shoulders…because of whom we call Lord. We should know better by now…and yet we continue in a way that must make Jesus do a face palm on a daily basis. This is my call for both sides…to sit down and talk…not argue…but really talk to one another. LGBT supporters…you need to stop being intolerant bigots…people are entitled to their own opinions even if you are in disagreement with them. Name-calling, hatred, and ignorance of the other’s position only proves you to be the same as the people you claim to be fighting…not different from them. Christians…stop defending yourselves as if you are of any importance. The one of importance can and will defend Himself…he does not need you to do it for Him. Grow up…shut up…and listen up. We are called to love people…for we were loved when we were unlovable…let us not act as if any of us were or are better than any other LGBT person. You’re not…you suck just as bad as they do…in fact we all suck together…acknowledging that and working through it honestly will lead to transformation…not this vicious cycle that must make Jesus furious. So lets stop the bickering…the finger pointing…and the polarizing diatribes and lets begin honest intentioned dialogue, which is what this article should really be doing…getting us to converse and understand one another. In this it may be possible for the two sides to learn…that they really aren’t so different from one another.  In fact LGBT people may come to learn that we do not hate them…we love them…and want to serve them. Showing them who Jesus is and what he wants them to become. We do this through selfless living telling a person you love them and showing them are two very different things let us always remember that. God Bless and thank you for reading.

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