The Good Ole Days

"The reality of it is, the “good ole days” are a myth. A figment of our active imagination and short memories looking for reprieve from thoughtful interaction with the world around us because, well it means we have to change, and change can be really hard."

The Sign Of True Calling

In every avenue, I have pursued it and in every avenue, it has been denied. For a really long time I thought that this just meant that I needed to wait just a little longer. But after some recent events...

New Year New Approach

To help curtail this issue and to keep you (my readers) from becoming annoyed/ bored with me I have decided that it is time to add a little diversity to the site. It is with this in mind that in December, I began seeking other people to contribute to the website on a regular basis and I am glad to say that two have taken on that challenge.

Behind All Sin Lies PRIDE

I thought this was taking the easy path before, but now I am beginning to see that doing this in totality is one of the most difficult things a person will ever have to do.

Parenting Makes the World Real

Something has happened to me, born of God, brought about by the birth of my son that I had not expected; I now am beginning to understand the wrath and anger of God.